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AMA | American Medical Association | A Medical-Legal Companion to the AMA Guides Fifth: | Kenneth Kingdon, JD, LL.M. This workbook, the newest AMA Guides 5th publication, includes hundreds of easy-to-understand examples and review questions that provide a foundational understanding of the Guides and analyzes issues in the Guides from a national perspective.
  • Published by the American Medical Association
  • Simple, yet detailed explanations of the rating requirements and procedures in the Guides Fifth
  • All references to Tables and Figures in the Guides Fifth include page references for quick and easy reference
  • Comparisons of procedures and principles used in multiple chapters
  • Explanations of which Guides tables are to be used for rating
Using the Guides Fifth As Intended In California Workers Compensation | Kenneth Kingdon, Esq. This unique and important reference includes interviews with Guides Fifth Senior Medical Editor Gunnar B. Andersson, MD, PhD (musculoskeletal chapters), J. Mark Melhorn, MD (reviewer, Guides Fifth, and Lead Chapter Author, Guides Sixth, Upper Extremities), and the following Chapter Chairs: Robert Haralson, MD (Spine), Frank Jones, MD (Upper Extremities), James Luck, MD (Lower Extremities), Margit Bleecker, MD (Central and Peripheral Nervous System), August Colenbrander, MD (Visual System), Dennis Turk, PhD (Pain).

Issues addressed include:

  • When and how to modify the conventional Guides impairment rating
  • When to use the ROM method
  • Overlap between the DRE method and Chapter 18
  • Apportionment
  • Rating Pain
  • Rating impairments from multiple etiologies in the same table
Controversies in California Workers Compensation Rating | Kenneth Kingdon, Esq. This book provides an analysis of controversial issues in California impairment and disability rating, with the following features:
  • Chapter-by-chapter analysis of controversies, ambiguities, conflicts and errors in the Guides, and the impact of the liberal construction mandate (Section 3202)
  • A detailed discussion of how to use the Schedule for Rating Permanent Disabilities (PDRS), with examples and practice problems
  • Comparisons of impairments that are rated in multiple chapters
  • An objective in-depth analysis of seminal court decisions on rating issues, including Almaraz/Guzman, Ogilvie, and Blackledge. For up-dated analysis of current case law and legislation, please refer to the Kingdon Rating Newsleter below.
Kingdon Rating Newsletter The Kingdon Rating Newsletter is published three times per year and is sent by email.

It includes analysis of current California case law and current legislation, including SB 863, on issues related to impairment and disability rating.

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About the Author

Kenneth Kingdon was a reviewer for the AMA Guides, Sixth Edition, and a reviewer for both the spine and lower extremities workbooks for the Sixth Edition.

In addition to his publications and work with the American Medical Associatino and having testified as an expert witness on the AMA Guides, some of the seminars and classes he has spoken  at include, Workcompcentral, the Insurance Educational Association, Farmers Insurance, The  Loma Linda University Medical School Alumni Association, The Orange County Bar Assoc., The San Fernando Valley Bar Assoc., The San Bernadino Countly Bar Assoc., The California Workers Compensation Defense Attorneys Association, Latino Comp San Diego, the CAAA Palm Springs Chapter,and Sedgwick CMS.

Mr. Kingdon is a Certified Specialist in Workers Compensation by the State Bar of California. He was named as one of California’s “Super Lawyers” in workers compensation, and he has worked as a Judge Pro Tem for the Workers Compensation Appeals Board.